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#Anticipation (Advent 2017)

1 Corinthians


A series of sermons based on the book of Acts

Advent 2014

Advent and Christmas 2015

Approaching Jesus

Big Moments in God's Story



Discipleship Apps

A series looking at the characteristics that we naturally develop as we seek to be more like Jesus.

General Topics

Remembrance 2017 (12 November 2017)

Love (09 July 2017)

Christian Witness to Israel - The Gospel at Passover (11 June 2017)

Thy Kingdom Come (04 June 2017)

Parish Nursing Sunday 2017 (21 May 2017)

Real Love (Easter Sunday 2017) (16 April 2017)

Participating in Redemption (05 March 2017)

Spiritual Hunger (22 January 2017)

Stones Of Help (13 November 2016)

The Power of Unity (28 August 2016)

Shocking Worship! (21 August 2016)

Two Lives (14 August 2016)

Wrong Lids On The Jesus Mandate Box (17 July 2016)

Parish Nursing Sunday 2016 (15 May 2016)

Armenian Ministries (08 May 2016)

The Fingerprints of God (01 May 2016)

Week of Prayer Launch (24 April 2016)

Christianity is a load of rubbish! (14 February 2016)

Re-imagining the Church (31 January 2016)

Covenant & Rededication Service 2016 (17 January 2016)

Getting Out of the Boat and Getting Your Feet Wet (15 November 2015)

The Book and the Bottle (08 November 2015)

God's Provision (13 September 2015)

The God Who Pursues (19 July 2015)

God's Way (31 May 2015)

Welcoming the Holy Spirit (24 May 2015)

The Hour has Come (22 March 2015)

The Testing of Jesus (08 March 2015)

Finding God Where You Least Expect Him (23 November 2014)

The Persecuted Church (26 October 2014)

In Google We Trust (19 October 2014)

Waiting on God (31 August 2014)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Healing

Holy Spirit

Questions and Concerns regarding the Holy Spirit (07 May 2017)

The Fruit of the Spirit (30 April 2017)

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (23 April 2017)

Were Spiritual gifts and Miracles meant to be Temporary? (09 April 2017)

Baptism in The Holy Spirit (02 April 2017)

What Happens When We Are Transformed? (19 March 2017)

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament – Evangelism (12 March 2017)

The Holy Spirit in the New Testament - Access to God (26 February 2017)

The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete – Our Helper and Advocate (19 February 2017)

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our salvation? (12 February 2017)

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament - Working wonders through weak people (05 February 2017)

The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament - Creation (29 January 2017)

The Holy Spirit & the Trinity (15 January 2017)

Prepare Yourself - Introduction to the series (08 January 2017)

Images of Christ

James - Tools to Help us Put Our Faith Into Action

Major Messages from the Minor Prophets

Minor Characters - Major Story

One Another | ing



A series exploring different aspects of prayer


Puzzling Questions

Exploring the topics covered in the "Puzzling Questions" course

Puzzling Questions - Missional Understanding

Sowing into the Kingdom

Third Places

The importance of the Third Place and how we as followers of Jesus are called to personal mission in that place

Transforming Prayer

Why ... Matters at Bluntisham Baptist Church

A series exploring why different tenets of the Christian faith matter at Bluntisham Baptist Church

Yesterdays messages applied today

Sermons that look into what we can learn from the minor prophets of the Old Testament

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