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Holiday Bible Club 2018

teambuildersThis year’s Holiday Bible Club theme is ‘Teambuilders' and will run from Wednesday 25th – Saturday 28th July, with the celebration and BBQ on Sunday 29th July. HBC is one of the biggest and most significant annual events in the life of our local churches and is run by a large team of volunteers... and we need you!

Could you join the team this year? Please see the form for the types of things we need help with. Not all the jobs are working directly with the children. There is lots of help needed behind the scenes too.

The club is open to all current primary age children and we also welcome young people (from Year 7 upwards) who will join the team as young leaders.

To volunteer as an adult helper please use this form

Adult Helperpdf arrow red very small

If you are in Year 7 and upwards and would like to help please use this form

Young Leaderpdf arrow red very small

Finally, to register your child for Holiday Bible Club please use this form (one per child please)

Child registrationpdf arrow red very small

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