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The Honour of God - 31st May

Today is Pentecost Sunday when we as a Church and the churches around the world remember the “birth of the Church” when God sent His Holy Spirit upon the first believers there in Jerusalem. The day that Peter preached and we read that 3000 people repented and were baptised. How blessed we are to have God’s Spirit living in us to guide, comfort, empower and open the Scriptures to us. Our Minister, Tim Williamson, is on his annual leave so we have a guest speaker. Dr. Michael Harrison from Armenian Ministries will be giving a report and preaching.

Continue reading the introductory letter from Wayne by clicking here pdf arrow red very small  and the service can be found  here romans small

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Next Steps is our exciting project to refurbish the main church building for the whole community. You can read more about it by clicking here or by following the Next Steps menu option above.

Next Steps Building Project update for COVID - 19

COVID-19 is upon us and quite rightly you will have questions about where does this leave the NS Project.

The good news is that through God’s guidance we are in a good place. The NS Team is not being put in danger, the consultants are still working, many from home, and we do not have the concerns that might have arisen had we progressed to starting the project and drawing down the loan. We just have to be patient and do what we ‘safely’ can do. Beyond that we will reach a temporary pause.

Once restrictions are relaxed, we can complete anything outstanding at that point and perform the necessary financial checks before seeking approval from our members to confirm the start of the construction phase.

Refurbishing the church will be a powerful sign for everyone that through faith and hope, new life has returned. Thank you for your support. Our monthly NS News updates and NS Prayer guides will continue.

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